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Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 16.56.55

Screen shot 2015-11-24 at 11.12.28 AM

Kasar - Dawning (Guiddo Remix)

Alphabetical - Rusted Gold (Guiddo Remix)


Gin 'n' Tears EP

glamour punk

V/A Compost Funk Selection

Manhooker - Heartbeat

Warsaw Laptop Orchestra Manhooker - Higher State (Of Elevation)

Manhooker - Pushin' & Shovin'



The Genesis Girls - Atlas

Guiddo - yyy


More samplers and compilations:

Body Language Vol.22 by Pezzner – Get Physical Music
Breakthrough – Trofika Records
Snowed In 2 – KID Recordings
Late Summer Vol.6 – Last Gas Station
Chillax (Smooth Chill-Out Sounds For Pure Relaxing) Vol.4 – City Lounge
Nightvisions (Liquid Chill Out Grooves) Vol.2 – City Lounge
Tropical House Deluxe – Wormland Music
Paradise Lounge Vol.6 – Wormland Music
Ibiza Sunset – Silent Breeze Records
Selected Beach Grooves: Volume Ibiza – Silent Breeze Records
Waves Vol.3 – Elements Of Life Records
Reflections Vol.3 – Elements Of Life Records
Timeless Chill Vol.9 – Elements Of Life Records
Sundown Chill Miami 2015 – Elements Of Life Records
Sunset At Café Del Sol – Silent Breeze Records
Chill Seduction Vol.4 – Elements Of Life Records

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