Tomasz Guiddo – DJ, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, sound designer, radio journalist. Born in Warsaw, lived in Berlin, based in Shenzhen.

Being raised in Warsaw and Berlin, his musical career started at an early age performing in theaters as a young guitar prodigy. It soon became an addiction to music itself, where jazz and flamenco were the greatest of influences. His first music productions (while still attending primary school) were made using a PC and some very basic ‘cut and paste’ software.

Around 2002 he reached out for some new sampling and mixing techniques and got involved in non-commercial club music.  His first DJ experience he gained in Warsaw’s underground clubs. In 2008 he became a member of the Warsaw Electronic Festival artists community playing an active role in the East-European experimental electronic music scene development as one of the performers and as a “young talent promoter”.

Always close to the german electronic music scene he finally moved back to Berlin in 2011 and set his recording studio up in Prenzlauer Berg. A year later his house project – Manhooker – released the debut EP ‘Wheels in Motion’ (“Genius!” – De:Bug Magazine 01/02/2013) on Unterton/Ostgut Ton. Next releases and deals with the most influential record labels – such as Sonar Kollektiv, Luv Shack, Connaisseur, Mule Musiq – followed.

Guiddo has presented his unique and eclectic mixture of house/techno/disco/nu-jazz in many of the most important venues around the world (for example: Tresor/Berlin, Berghain-Panorama Bar/Berlin, MoMA PS1/New York, Berns/Stockholm, Oestre/Bergen, Wax/Brussels, Tempo/Madrid, Pepper Club/Shenzhen) performing as DJ or giving live concerts using sequencers and synthesizers and processed instruments.

Since September 2005, Guiddo manages his own cyclic radio show – ‘Input-Output-Putput’ on RadioJazzFM (, presenting a fusion of rare grooves and electronic beats every Wednesday at 7PM(CET).

Guiddo has released a number of solo tracks and remixes (incl. productions for Compost, Sonar Kollektiv or Beats In Space) and initiated music cooperations as well as new media art actions around the world (including co-operation with the Polish National Art Gallery ‘Zacheta’, Jiangxi University, Shen Wai International School and Shenzhen Polytechnic, China).

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